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April 10, 2005
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So now you listen? by mrdamon So now you listen? by mrdamon
Basically, I haven't submitted anything in a while, and I was looking around in the political section when I realised that almost all of the deviations are always about war. War, america, guns, crime etc. Now although these are serious problems, very serious problems, there are other very serious problems in the world that need our attention too. The hole in the ozone layer, global warming, world poverty etc. It seems that blood is the only way to get a message across anymore... its as if war is more "glamourous" for the political section.

I mean, I know a movie based on an overpopulation crisis wouldn't be so exciting... but things like that, they're still major issues, and ones we can't put as second priorities just because they can't be solved without bullets... well maybe in some peoples opinions it could : P

I assume everyone here has views on most political subjects that arent to do with violence. Dont be afraid to express them.
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I really really love this idea!
nice splatter effect :D
ElTheBlackRose Jan 27, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing idea, and a good point! I like it :D
Lol, you're a wack ;P

J/k man.. very cool post, although I dont completely agree with you.. guns and crime are killing countless innocent people NOW, globabl warming is killing them hundreds, if not thousands of years in the future. Which to you THINK the legislators will pick.. I mean, they're not scientists, they're representitives of the people.. of those people being killed.

By the way.. I got a good laugh out of the image, because I just so happened to have the EXACT brush loaded into photoshop at the time. Heh.
yup, took me about 35 seconds to make. But hell i was stoned, as i am now : P
Thank you everyone for the positive comments :) I think art is more meaningful when it can put across a strong message, and I'm happy that I've managed to get a message across. Thanks!
It's fucking awesome and it makes a VERY good point.
i like it and i agree with you for the most part (i'm not sold on the global warming crisis) which is very rare for me on deviantart.

very nice job
Ninth-Lady Apr 12, 2005   Interface Designer
That is so true, people on care when it gets violent. I like the message here.
Ownage visualized! It's powerful if you let it sink in.

I did a piece a few months back about the corrupt Government, you should check it out :)
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